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We work for YOU!

Our Passion is to Raise and Grow Meats, Veggies, and Dairy that will improve YOUR quality of Life!

Our work

Our Family & Farm

      We are located in the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin, sometimes called the Driftless Area, where the beautiful Kickapoo River meanders through. We have called this farm our "Home Sweet Home" since 2001. We are a family with Pa and Ma and 10 children the Lord has blessed us with. Some of the children are married, and some are still at home helping the farm out with their talents and interests. We milk a colored herd of grass-fed cows, which we have been converting over to A-2s. We believe grass-fed A-2 milk is the healthiest milk a person can drink. We raise the steers from our dairy herd and sell them as our grass-fed beef. Hogs are our next biggest enterprise. We try to have 6 litters a year of cute, curly-tailed piglets. There is something about seeing happy little pigs in the summer rooting out in the pasture that gives a person a feeling of satisfaction. Poultry have free range and are housed in moveable chicken houses during the summer.

      We must not forget the latest additions to our farm, which are our son Gideon's bees. We are all enjoying watching these wonderful, talented creatures collect pollen from our GMO-free fields and turn it into liquid gold.

      We have come to realize that if you want nutrient-dense food to be healthy and to heal our bodies, it has to start at the foundation. That's our soil. The soil has to be nutrient dense, and it has been a long, slow process for us to rebuild our dead soil. But it has been joyous to see the soil come alive with the microbes and earthworms and see the depth of humus grow deeper here on our once hard ridgetop lands again.

      We believe we are obligated to everyone and everything God has entrusted to our care to be good stewards.

Beef & Pork


15908 Bufton Hollow Rd

Viola WI. 54664

Tel: 608-553-0787



Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 12pm

​Sunday: Closed

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