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Love Meat? Try our Grass-fed Beef & Pork

You're trying to eat healthy but you love meat; what do you do? For the healthiest and best-tasting meat around, stock your freezer with grass-fed beef and pork from Pleasant View Farms. Our meats allow you to enjoy great taste without worrying about ingesting potentially dangerous chemicals. Customers can pick up their orders at drop points in Viola, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. We deliver bulk orders to drop locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.


Enjoy the great taste of beef with products from our farm. We sell beef by the cow (tail to nose cut), half cow (half the amount from tail to nose), quarter cow (half of the half), and by-the-cut. To accommodate customers with a variety of tastes, we offer marrow and knuckle bones.


We offer freezer-ready, pre-frozen packing for the convenience of our clients.


There is no maximum or minimum amount of beef you have to buy.


Your barbecue will be more flavorful with our whole pig, half pig, and by-the-cut pork. 


Satisfy your appetite for sausage with our ground pork that you can season yourself. Also Italian, Jalapeno, and Breakfast sausage. All three types are ground and come in pre-frozen, freezer-ready packages. Like all of our meat, our ground pork and sausage comes from grass-fed stock. 

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