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A Healthy Choice!

Start your day on a healthy note with products from Pleasant View Farms of Viola, Wisconsin. We provide customers with premium farm fresh eggs, cheese, and butter that are the basis for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  


We provide bulk order deliveries at drop locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.

The Freshest Tasting Eggs

Your breakfast will taste divine when you use our farm fresh eggs. The chickens eat non-chemically altered natural feed and grass, so they produce healthier and fresher-tasting eggs. 

We do not ship eggs. However, we offer bulk sales delivery for long-distance customers. People making local purchases can contact us for pickup or delivery at drop off points.


Add extra flavor to au gratin potatoes, mac and cheese, and other comfort food with our delicious dairy products. All dairy products are produced by Nordic Creamery in Westby, Wisconsin. The butter is hand rolled in white paper, and the cheese is packaged in square blocks. Order a pound Today.

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