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Something far more dangerous and serious is going on out there than people realize. For that reason I am going to share a picture that came in our farm paper this week. The picture shows us what really is happening on farms to the livestock that are drinking from wells that are being contaminated with Glyphosate/Roundup all across this nation. It shows that our precious water is becoming polluted by Glyphosate leaking down into our water tables and causing far reaching problems.

Not only is the farmer being crippled by vet bills in an attempt to keep his animals alive but the cost of losing a large percent of the herd to death will never be recovered again in his lifetime. Sad to say, we also are drinking this water, digesting the meat from these animals, and consuming the milk, butter, cheese and eggs produced by these animals. Another scarier part is that buying organic, non gmo, or grass-fed will not protect us from this invasion of the Glyphosate. What Glyphosate does to our animals it will do to YOU! Many of us farmers were fed the lie that Glyphosate is so safe a person could drink it. But it was not so for thousands of farmers in India who committed suicide by drinking Gylphosate. Because of these kinds of lies, more than 95% of the land in this world has been contaminated with this evil stuff and it will take years and years of hard fighting to gain back our healthy soils again.

Help us educate people with the truth and ban the use of these chemicals. Stand up and support your farmer they need you to stand behind them in the battle, I encourage families to view this 53 minute video which covers science -based information about Gylphosate's impact on livestock and our families. Type the following in: Poisoned Field: Glyphosate, the Underrated Risk? -Dr. Mercola.

Picture is from the farm paper The Milkweed

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