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Pre-Polluted Babies and New Years Resolutions

I have noticed that our younger generation is struggling with a lot of health problems at very young ages. This was brought to my attention lately when I over heard a conversation by a group of young mothers chatting about how they have to get something to snack on during the church service or they start feeling weak. Or the times I have go to the church kitchen to stir my crock pot of food only to find a young girl with her head down on the counter feeling light headed and wanting something to eat. This shouldn’t be and is not the norm. We need to wake up America and see that most of our food here does not fuel our body’s needs. I am a mother of 10 children and a grandmother who is patiently waiting to welcome grandchild # 9 in to this world next month, also I have been an assistant at homebirths and have seen some problems that could be avoided if moms would change their life styles. Its with this motherly heart that I would like to encourage Grandmothers, Moms, and girls to take responsibility and make right choices and form good healthy habits now for their families. Did you know that precious innocent babies are being born into this world pre-polluted? Let me explain. The umbilical cord pumps about 300 qts. of blood each day from the nutrient and oxygen rich placenta to the growing baby who is developing all of their important organs, vessels and membranes. Sad to say that the umbilical cord that is suppose to be carrying the building blocks of life is also carrying a stream of pollutants to this little baby who is in the critical stages of building their bodies. A study done by the Environmental Working Group and a couple others took umbilical cord blood and did a test to reveal some shocking truth. There was a total of 287 chemicals already in the blood of the baby. The research went on to name some of the chemicals, pesticides and pollutants that they found. Like perfluorochemicals used as stain and oil repellants in fast food packaging and etc. They also mention that 180 caused cancer, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects. You can find this article at Body Burden. Make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to start your family on a healthy journey by eating nutrient dense food and removing toxins from your home. It might save you the grief of standing by a hospital bed and seeing a young child struggling with a birth defect or some kind of cancer. Or trying to encourage a young couple who are struggling with infertility. Dads, Moms let’s make a difference!!!

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