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You'll want to gobble up our chicken & turkey!

It's easy to find quality poultry for your family when you shop at Whippoorwill Meadows. We provide customers in Southwest Wisconsin, and surrounding areas with a first-class selection of pastured chickens and turkeys. When you order in bulk, we can ship to drop locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.

Poultry with a Delicious Flavor

Avoid ingesting poultry that's full of chemicals. Instead, choose our pasture-raised chickens and turkeys that only eat grass and natural grain. Their feed includes Barley because it's high in protein, heart healthy, and gives poultry good flavor. Because it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to get the soy out of their system, all poultry is raised soy free for the last 8 weeks of their lives

We sell our chickens and turkeys whole instead of in cuts, and turkeys are only available during holiday seasons. Product s include 4-to-5-pound fryers, 6-to-8-pound roasters, and 2 chickens that average 3-to-4 pounds.

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