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What are we all about?

Healthy Soil - Healthy Food - Healthy YOU!

Nutrient Dense Food, focusing on quality, not quantity.

Our Goal is not to be organic, natural, or grass fed. Although we practice these things and believe they are part of the solution, we also feel that it will take much more than these well meaning, catchy titles to fix a broken system. If we do not start with building a strong foundation, everything we do will eventually crumble, because the foundation was neglected.

An organic dairy with 6,000 cows that never see a blade of grass, or 20,000 organic laying hens that have access to a little lot on the side of the barn will never build our soils, thus, they will never produce a nutrient dense food that is full of vitamins and the minerals that our bodies so badly need to be healthy and productive.

Our goal here is to use sustainable farming methods that will make our soils come alive with vitamins and minerals so that the animals that live on the soil will be digesting this nutrition, soaking up the sunshine and becoming a nutrient dense food for us. have we totally reached this point yet? No, we are making mistakes as we journey  on but we are constantly trying to grow in knowledge and want to keep pressing on to make a healthier YOU!


What about the animals?

The cattle, pigs, chickens, and the eggs are all soy-free. We also use barley instead of corn as it is more "heart friendly", and non-GMO.

The Cattle are 100% grass-fed, free of hormones, and antibiotics.

The poultry are moved in our traveling houses until weather becomes an issue.

Pigs are allowed to be piggies and play in the mud or graze in the grass. We also supplement them with a barley feed.

The busy bees that make our golden honey are never fumigated.

If you have any other questions about our protocols and practices please don't hesitate to ask.

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